Application that Increases the Life Comfort of Epilepsy Patients Application that Increases the Life Comfort of Epilepsy Patients Application that Increases the Life Comfort of Epilepsy Patients Application that Increases the Life Comfort of Epilepsy Patients

According to studies, there are 950 thousand epilepsy patients in Turkey and 65 million in the world. Up to 180 seconds before the seizure occurs with the 'inEpilepsy' application developed against the disorder, which is among the top 10 most common diseases in the world. It is possible to warn the patient and their relatives visually and audibly. Thanks to the early warning system, academics and entrepreneurs can avoid traumas (falling, hitting, burning, having an accident) caused by the most common motor generalized type seizures. etc.) aims to ensure that they are away from these factors.

According to the data of non-governmental organizations on epilepsy; There are 950 thousand epilepsy patients in Turkey. In the world, this figure reaches 65 million people. inEpilepsy, a first in the world literature and developed by Turkish scientists Thanks to its Seizure Detection and Tracking Software, the application warns its users and relatives up to 180 seconds before an epileptic seizure occurs.

Turkish Scientists and Turkish Academics Break a New Year in the World

With the application, which emerged as a result of a three-year R&D study as a result of the cooperation of Turkish academics and Turkish scientists, patient relatives can also be included in the seizure monitoring processes. To Seizure Detection and Tracking Software InEpilepsy, the first epilepsy application in the world with its own, transmits your location during the seizure as an instant message to your relatives with a visual map. The application prevents seizures that negatively affect the life comfort of epilepsy patients with the least risk. contributes to their survival.

Dicle University Faculty of Medicine Neurology Department member Prof. Dr. Esref Intellect; “Epilepsy, which is one of the diseases that cause the most victimization in the world, can be seen in every period from birth to death. it can be lived. In the inEpilepsy application, which was developed entirely with Turkish software, the data is processed with artificial intelligence, and the seizures of epilepsy patients are separated and an early warning alarm is sent up to 180 seconds before the crisis. being created. In this way, the patient is provided with a safe position in the place where he or she is and supports them to spend their seizures in safe areas.

With the inEpilepsy application, the data is instantly shared with the patients' own doctors with the expert opinion and expert follow-up feature, if desired. In this way, doctors can help their patients because they have more information about the process. have the opportunity to get to know him better. Designed with the support of Turkish scientists and Turkish academics, which is a first in the world literature, inEpilepsy also makes a reminder by recording the time of use and doses of drugs. In this way, epilepsy patients can continue their treatment without interruption.

inEpilepsy Promises You a More Comfortable Life with 180 Seconds

Assoc from Insense Software that brought the application to life. prof. Dr. Ömer Faruk ERTUĞRUL said; “There are 65 million people worldwide who have epilepsy who have more than one seizure per month, who describe their seizures as severe. people can use this application. Every second that passes for epileptic attacks is very important. We acted with this awareness. Thanks to our application, which warns users 180 seconds before epileptic seizures, patients receive early warning. He will be able to get over his seizures safely. We regularly make improvements on our application. With our new investments we will make in the coming period, we will improve the application and improve the life comfort of epilepsy patients. We will continue to improve,” he said.

InEpilepsy, which you can download from Google Play Store and App Store, also offers free usage to a limited number of people upon request.