Collaboration with IKAR Holding over a 30 million Euro valuation Collaboration with IKAR Holding over a 30 million Euro valuation Collaboration with IKAR Holding over a 30 million Euro valuation Collaboration with IKAR Holding over a 30 million Euro valuation

Insense Tech Company, which brought the world literature to inEpilepsy, which warns its users and relatives up to 180 seconds ago in the epilepsy practice, announced that it has expanded its cooperation with London-based investment company IKAR Holding.

Insense Health Tech Company was established in London in 2019 with the 'inEpilepsy' effect that visually and audibly stimulates the patient and their relatives up to 180 seconds before the epileptic seizure site. IKAR Holding, which has invested in the small and medium past times, which has different service activities in which it is involved, announced that they have opened up to the global market by establishing a partnership.

InEpilepsy, the first epilepsy application in the world with "Seizure Detection and Tracking Software" developed by Insense Health Tech Company, provides instant message to relatives with a visual map of the patient's location during the seizure. transmitting.

The application also contributes to epilepsy patients to overcome seizures that negatively affect their life comfort, with minimal risk. With the inEpilepsy application, if desired, with expert opinion and expert follow-up feature The data is shared instantly with the patients' own doctors. In this way, doctors have the opportunity to get to know their patients more closely, as they have more information about the process. At the same time, the application, the time of use of the drugs and it also makes a reminder by recording the doses.
In this way, epilepsy patients can continue their treatment without interruption.

TARGET REACHING 1 MILLION PATIENTS As IKAR Holdings, we use this innovative technology all over the world. Stating that they are excited to partner with Insense Health Tech Company to reach epilepsy patients near them, Mario Diel, Chairman of the Board of IKAR Holding, said, "This partnership aims to improve the quality of life of epilepsy patients. and will help provide them with the best possible care," he said.

Insense Health Tech Company CEO Yasin Sönmez, who stated that they are dedicated to providing the best possible care to epilepsy patients, said, "This partnership will make a difference in the lives of people affected by epilepsy. Ulaş Kayacan, Co-Founder of Insense Health Tech Company, also said that their goal is to reach 1 million epilepsy patients in 2023. According to the statement of the parties, the investment is 30 million euros. Collaboration on valuation took place. The said investment will be used to enable the application to reach epilepsy patients in different parts of the world.